Who Am I

Short facts
Name: Peter Poulsen
Date of birth: 10th of June 1977
Residence: Allégade 4
7600 Struer
Wife: Eva Poulsen
2004-2006: Graduates as Cand. IT at Aalborg University
2002-2004: Bachelor of Science at Aalborg University
2000-2002: Datamatiker at NOEA
1998-1999: Started at Computer Science at Aalborg University
1995-1998: High School at Aalborg Handelsskole
1984-1993: Elementary at Sulsted Skole
Computers: Linux, programming and playing games
(Let's face it, that's it)
2014-?: I work as software developer at Netcompany.
2012-2014: I work as software developer at Systematic.
2006-2012: I worked as software developer at Bang & Olufsen.
2006: I worked as a combined system administrator and PHP-developer at TypoConsult.
2000-2005: From time to time over this period I have made several websites and done various system administrative jobs for Nordjyllands Trafikselskab
2001 (I think): I made a web community for Samsø Landboforening
Phone: 61 24 78 55
E-mail/MSN: pgpoulsen@gmail.com
LinkedIn dk.linkedin.com/in/pgpoulsen/


Well, I'm not really sure where to put this but it is always nice to have a wishlist that I can update as I get new ideas, so here it is: wishlist