I really like to code and hack around, so I guess it is only natural that I have a page about programming.

The beginning...

c++-logoI started coding when I had a commodore 64 sometime back in the pre-90's. Around 1993-4 a friend of mine taught me C++ which has been my favourite language since. Even though C++ is a powerful language it is often a heavy tool to use if the task is relative simple. Therefore, I have also practised my skill as a shell-script-programmer. The shell in Linux is really powerful, and combined with tools like sed and awk you can get a long way before having to pick up the sledgehammer (C++).

As time has passed I have also grown a foundness for Python. It also a scripting language like bash but comes with the ower of object-oriented programming features and a very rich set of libraries. This makes it possible to create really powerfull programs with a minimum of code.

Programming today

keyboardWhile C++ remains my favourite language the complexity-level of the programs I'm working on have really increased. Many of the programs I have made have been related to projects at the University (or one of the other learning institutions I have attended), so it doesn't really serve a purpose to show them here.