Well, the reason that I have decided to have a page dedicated to Linux is that I think it is an extremely cool OS.

What is Linux
tux-logoFor those of you that do not know what Linux is: it is a free operating system developed by volunteers all over the world. These volunteers coordinate their work by making their contribution available on the Internet, and letting everybody that is interested, download it and use it for whatever purpose. This is an important aspect of the software being free; not only does it not cost anything, usually referred to as "free as in free beer", but the end user is also allowed to do anything he wants with the software, usually refered to as "free as in free speech".


Usually you download and install what is called a "Linux Distribution". This is like different flavors of Linux. The main difference about them is how easy they are for the end user. Some favor a very point-n'-click style where as others favor are more command-line style. Over the years I have used various distributions.


This was the first distribution that I used (version 5.1). I was the dominating distribution back then.


I fairly early switched to Mandrake which was basically a slightly more polished version of RedHat. The two distributions were very similar. A lot of point-'n-click but you still need the command-line to handle some of the more technical side of things.