I really like to play computer games, so I think writing a few lines about a couple of my favorite games is only natural.

World of Warcraft

Well... if you haven't heard of this game I guess that you never play computer games... it is THE game that revolutionized online gaming. It is made by Blizzard Entertainment, and as always they have delivered a game of boundary-pushing quality.

I usually hang out on the realm called Bladefist and I of course fight for the horde... The guild I'm in is called Evil Death. Our homepage

This great game does not exist for Linux but it is easily able to run under Wine or Transgaming's Cedega (as most games from Blizzard are, which only is a testimony to their ability deliver quality code as well as games).


Civilization is a series that started back in 1991 and we are have just received the fourth version. The game concept have not evolved much since the first version (probably because it absolutely awesome), you start the game as the leader of a small tribe, and you then have to guide them to become the greatest nation of all times. The game spans the from 4000BC to around 2100AD. It operates at a strategic level where you spend your time messing around with things such as economy, diplomacy and warfare.

Unfortunately Civilization is not writen for Linux, and therefore I have to run it through a windows emulator. I am able to run the third version of Civilization through the emulator Cedega which can be bought from However, even though it does work, it runs very slow so I don't play as much Civilization as I would like to.

Neverwinter Nights

NWN logoThis is probably the game that I have spend the most time working with thanks to my Open Neverwinter project. Neverwinter Nights (NWN among friend) is a classic roleplaying game (RPG) that follows the rules of Dungeon & Dragons pen-and-paper (I don't know the exact version as I don't play the pen-and-paper version myself). The games comes with a single adventure that is simply awesome, and I have in fact played it through a couple of time even though I of course knew the entire story after the first time. There also exists two expanion packs: Shadow of Undrentide (SoU) and Hordes of the Underdark (HotU). SoU is actually only ok, but HotU almost reach the same level as the original campaign(OC). But both expansion packs are worth buying as they both increases the richness of the game by more classes, skills and feats.