I really love cats and decided to dedicate a page to some of the cats I love the most.

Antonius (AKA Anton)

This is my own cat. He was born May 2007. He is very curious but at the same time a chicken that is scared of new things. He hate to fight the other cats in the neighbourhood and prefer to play with them instead.



This my second cat. We bought him right after my wife and I moved together. He is what best can be described as "a grumpy old cat" but we love him anyways. From time to time (particular around feeding time) he can get very talkative.


This is our third cat. He was found in a dumpster in early 2010 but fortunately somebody found him and gave him and his siblings to an animal sanctuary. He is a very curious cat. He smells to everything, bite in everything and if possible, eats everything. But he is also a very social cat and it does not take much effort to get him to purr like a kitten..











spartacus.pngThis is our fourth cat. We got him because his previous owner no longer had room for him. Fully understandable as he is a giant at 7kg (14lbs). We are very pleased with him. He is extremly lazy and likes nothing better than to sleep right where he falls. At times it seems like the other cats are a bit provoked by his relaxed attitude.

ofelia catThis is my brother's cat. She is a really mean, mean, killing machine that loves to fight. To make matters worse, she has six claws on each paw so you really have to be careful when she attacks. However, she is not in constant attack-mode, and if you are a little careful she might actually be very talkative.

Update: Unfortunately she got cancer and died in the fall of 2010.

hanibal catHannibal is my mother's cat. Despite being a giant monster at 7kg (about 14lbs) he is a real chicken, and always picks flight over fight. However, he is very talkative, and loves to sit on your lap and purr.